TP Checklist

Checklist for National Coordinators


At least 9 months in advance

Announce preferred week(s)

  • Number of participants
  • Funding
  • Number of hotel rooms
  • Number of external lecturers


Provided the preferred week is available we will reserve rooms at the CERN hotel. Once the reservation is confirmed we will set up the indico website, update the information on the TP website, and enter the preliminary programme into CERN’s visit agenda. We will also book lecture rooms.


At least 3 months in advance

Send programme proposal

  • Lectures
  • Visits
  • Social events


We will update the indico agenda accordingly and arrange the visits itinerary with the visits service. Furthermore, we will take care of booking the welcome reception and the official dinner.


At least 2 months in advance

Inform external lecturers to
contact Jeff for their
travel arrangements

We will take care of all travel arrangements and reservations at the CERN hotel for external lecturers. We will also provide them with meal vouchers to be used at CERN’s restaurants.


At least 1 month in advance

Provide final list of participants

  • TP spreadsheet

Fine-tune programme

  • Lecturers
  • Guides


We will update our reservation at the CERN hotel in accordance with the final list of participants. Please note: this list needs to be final. Furthermore, we will prepare the welcome envelopes for the teachers and send the list to the guards to ensure that all teachers can enter the CERN site when they arrive.


During the programme

Accompany the group
Facilitate the programme
Send translations if needed
Communicate with lecturers & guides

We will prepare the welcome reception, provide the treasure hunt documents (+ treasures), and try to take part in the official dinner. Based on the participants list we will also prepare the official certificates and provide CERN goodie bags for all teachers.